Saturday, April 3, 2010

a raconteurs song that will never be

Time marches on to the beat of the drum
Luckily it's a cadence we both can hum
I tell you girl I'll be here for you
For years to come
Years to come

Now I could watch grass grow for a million hours
I got to tell you girl you've got mysterious powers
By this time I'm transfixed enough
To give you a flower
Give you a flower

Summer spits you at me like a tommy gun
I don't know what it was you said but now I'm undone
By this time I'm enchanted enough
To sit with you in the sun
WIth you in the sun

Wind steps in and out like a whispering thief
Regarding our salvation I have strong beliefs
By this time I'm foolish enough
To jump in the leaves
To play in the leaves

Eyes are looking through the ice with a crazy glow
I tell you girl I'll be here for you
In the sparkling snow
The sparkling snow

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