Thursday, February 4, 2010

Existential nihilism

Occam's razor--we must make as few leaps as possible. I do not know anything. I am no exception to the rules of the universe. These laws are physical. There are no moral laws except those we construct, which are entirely arbitrary. There is no inherent meaning or purpose to life. If I do exist, and the world exists, the world must have had a cause, a Prime Mover. This cause is called God, and its definition is entirely unknown aside from this requirement; it is entirely possible that there is nothing else to it. Received knowledge of all kinds is inherently untrustworthy because of the flawed nature of the lens through which I perceive the world. I am perfect in my imperfection. I cannot ever know the thoughts of another possible being. Most of the statutes which govern our social behavior are entirely arbitrary, and it is perfectly believable that society could have turned out in a way such that these statutes would be reversed. There is randomness in the world that cannot be reduced to anything more than randomness, and there is complexity in the world that can be reduced to simplicity. Nothing intrinsically matters, because meaning is intrinsically relative and therefore not intrinsic to anything at all. There may be some semblance of agency, but I am governed in large part by neural circuitries and ingrained behaviors that I am unconscious of.

Because of all this I am perfectly free to construct my own reality. From this nothingness I see beauty everywhere, in contradiction and coalescence. The sandbox is open. Life as experience is largely out of my hands, but what I can control I seize tightly. What is plastic is molded to my what will I have--and one cannot know the pervasiveness of plasticity until one attempts to mold it.

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