Sunday, January 24, 2010

A short homily on religion as it is oft practiced

There is no reason to rely on knowledge received
Nor to be by rhyme deceived
A pretty poem is not cause to believe
A creed to wear upon a sleeve
Cosmologies that are preconceived
Have oft caused many to be bereaved
So whether Atlas on his shoulder heaved
Or Fates at their lonely looms weaved
Our race, us men, shall not succeed
If we not of this rejoinder take heed
Do not solely to the religion of your father cleave
The exceptionalist argument is trite and naive
Think with a clean mind and we may achieve
A daily soft and quiet reprieve
When one can lie awake at eve
And gaze with wonder at the heavenly eave
A world without those who misperceive
A world full of those who truly believe

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